Mentoring Circles Resources

We will continually be posting resources for Mentoring Circles groups to utilize to facilitate discussion and growth within the group on our new Slack channel. If you or your group have a resource that’s been useful to you, please share them with us! E-mail us at or share with the AWIS DC Forum at 

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Dr. Julie Johnson and Dr. Nadeene Riddick presented some really useful tools for creating a strong and effective mentoring circle:

How To Build Effective Mentoring Partnerships

Check out other resources from our 2018 Mentoring Circles Kickoff Event, including the coaching crib sheet, powerful questions for mentoring, as well as their slides from their presentation!


Ann Timmons, Communications Artist and Speaker at our 2017 Mentoring Circles Kick-off Event – check out posts from her blog, “Talk the Talk”

Boxed In

Talk Less, Smile More

It Isn’t Rocket Science

Authenticity vs. Preparation?

The Lean In website is an excellent resource, here are two “games” you can use to get to know your group members and promote discussion

Lean In Bingo – use this bingo activity as a fun icebreaker to get to know your Circle members better.

Connection Cards – use a deck of cards to build trust in your Circle as you dive deep quickly through a series of personal questions. You can purchase a deck of cards through the website or you can download the “Lean In” app and use the cards on your phone or tablet!