Mentoring Circles

AWIS DC Mentoring Circles Program

“…having a feeling of solidarity would be better than trying all this on my own.”

A Mentoring Circle is a group of participants that meets for the purpose of discussing careers and professional development topics.  Participants simultaneously act both as mentors and mentees as they exchange experiences, challenges, opportunities, and advice for the purpose of enhancing self-confidence, communication skills, leadership practices, and commitment to one’s career.


Mentoring Circle size Up to 5 participants per Circle with a designated leader

Frequency of meetings Every 4-6 weeks throughout the year

Where: Each group sets its own schedule and location for virtual or in-person meetings.

Please note that face-to-face meetings are more beneficial for participants and are highly recommended.


Participating in a Mentoring Circle is free for AWIS members. Non-members may participate in a Mentoring Circle for a fee of $50. This fee will allow you to attend all Mentoring Circles-associated events throughout the year for free.