AWIS DC Mentoring Circles Program Logistics

Participants will be asked to sign a statement of commitment and will be held to it. Since active participation is important for success of the Circle, all participants are expected to have and maintain a strong commitment to their Mentoring Circle and participate in the majority of the meetings.

Confidentiality and mutual respect are critical for the success of Mentoring Circles.


Roles and responsibilities of Mentoring Circle participants:

  • Keep group relationship a priority and maintain confidentiality

  • Share insights and experiences

  • Share perspectives, perceptions, and concerns

  • Provide honest and thoughtful feedback

  • Seek and respond to the feedback of others

  • Provide encouragement

  • Apply what is learned from Mentoring Circle participation


  • Hold regular meetings for a defined length of time

  • Help participants set goals for both career and personal development

  • Help participants build confidence

  • Specific goals of each Mentoring Circle will be determined by each group at their first meeting

 The role of a Group Leader:

  • Organize the date and time of Circle’s meetings

  • Stay in contact with the Coordinators of the Mentoring Circles Program

  • Have a back-up agenda prepared if the Circle participants do not bring their own

Applications for the 2018 Mentoring Circles Program are now closed